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Hi my name is Melissa and I’m running to be the MES’s next VP External for the 2018-2019 school term. Throughout my undergraduate I’ve developed a passion for connecting students to greater provincial and federal networks and using conferences to bring back initiatives that benefit students.

The VP External’s responsibilities include liaising with groups such as the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario, Chair the Delegate Selection Committee for conference attendance, compile the Conference Mail-Out, liaise with the SRA, ┬ásupervise the Professional Development Coordinators, and be your face at provincial and federal events throughout the year.

Voting is happening March 13th – 15th through your McMaster email. Make sure you go vote!

Campaign Points

Throughout my experience as AVP External of the Chemical Engineering Club, a member of the CFES Sustainability Working Group, and VP Social of the Engineering and Society Student Association, I’ve decided to focus my attention as VP External on bringing in resources from CFES and ESSCO, building stronger connections between the VP External and engineering services on campus, and representing the concerns of McMaster’s undergraduate engineering students throughout the province and country. ┬áThe below sections are my campaign promises.

I want to bring in training for Council at the beginning of the school year, potentially incorporated with Big Team Meeting, so that Council members can represent you, the student body, better, and can push the Executive Team to make an MES that’s built for you.

What will Council training look like?

A weekend packed with team – building, to create a cohesive team, training on MES policies, strategic plans, and passing of motions, as well as thought provoking workshops by groups, such as the Engineering Change Lab, to stimulate an analysis of what students want to see change, and what steps they can take through the MES to actualize these changes.

Not only will this training create more active roles for Council members, by aiding them in setting goals, it will also help them create an advocacy agenda for the VP External to take to the province, and country.

The Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) organization regulates engineering in our province, which means the work they do is fairly relevant to all of us engineering hopefuls. The PEO also has regional chapters that run events throughout the province. I want to connect students to these events, so we can benefit from the PEOs presentations, and from connecting with PEOs members.

Not sure what ESSCO AGM is? How about CFES Congress? QSC?

I want to make sure that you know what conferences we send delegations to, what you can learn from these experiences, and what the organizations connected to these conferences are doing, by keeping a page on the MES website that outlines these opportunities.

Part of the role of the VP External is to be responsible for outreach issues and collaborate with Engineering Recruitment, and to sit on the Engineering Co-op and Career Services Operating Committee.

I want to have bi-weekly meetings with representatives from each group in order to improve the MES’ knowledge of their proceedings, as well as advocate for student concerns about each service directly.

This year the MES has been pursuing a comprehensive evaluation of the value of our membership with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). I want to continue this analysis and move into similar conversations about the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario (ESSCO), as it is important to know where our fees our going, and what the CFES and ESSCO are tangibly providing for us.

The CFES is currently working on collecting best practices for Engineering Societies that want to be more sustainable. I want to use these best practices, as well as ideas collected from other schools, to start making the MES more sustainable.

The Engineering SRA represents engineering students within the McMaster Students Union. I want to strengthen the connection that we have with the SRA and create scheduled meeting times in which we can collaborate on strategic goals to be able to work in tandem with the advocacy efforts of our SRA members.


McMaster Engineering is a community, and the MES is a team. I’m always open to working with other people, and excited to hear your ideas, comments and concerns. If you’d like to get in contact with me, or if you have questions regarding my platform, feel free to email me at